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Revolutionize your law firm’s client acquisition process with our optimized intake management software, powered by our partnership with DRIVE – experts in developing and scaling client acquisition processes.

Unlock the full potential of your legal documents with our game-changing partnership with CLEARLAW. Our cutting-edge natural language processing engine combined with Clearlaw’s Contracting Intelligence AI empowers you with a deep understanding of what’s in your legal documents.

INTAKER’s cutting-edge lead capture technology enables companies to capture leads, enhance their workflows, and strengthen client relations with INTAKER’s solutions for live chat, business texting, and lead management.

TRUVE simplifies practice management, connecting information systems into one central data hub. Unique machine learning insights and customizable dashboards help law firms focus on the most profitable parts of their business.

LEGAL SOFT comprises experienced Legal Industry Practice experts who have expanded practices nationwide. With expertise in business development, marketing, lead generation, automation, and operations, they provide cost-effective assistance, allowing you to focus on practicing law while they handle the business side.

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