Taylor has been incredibly helpful setting us up with Lead Docket and working with us during its implementation. She is always friendly, gracious, and patient. She has answered every question and followed up on everything she said she would. Lead Docket has helped streamline our intake, follow-up, and referral processes. The system has improved our […]


If it were not for Taylor, we may not have stayed with Filevine or Lead Docket. She solved all the problems and issues at least to the extent she could without changing the entire Lead Docket program itself. We still wanted to add email signatures to our decline emails within Lee docket and she says […]


Lead Docket has been an extremely useful tool for us at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law. It was great having the expertise of the staff at Docket Launch to help us through the training process and help us to tailor Lead Docket to our specific needs regarding the chase feature. Your leads will not […]


Docket Launch is great! Response time to questions and issues is quick and if they can’t answer the questions they reach out to Lead Docket for additional assistance so that we do get an answer. They are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that we were 100% happy with the setup and […]